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Targeting the Market or Target Marketing?

While many still associate advertising with large media spend to target the market without knowing "which half is not working", the actual game of advertising has changed dramatically for a vast majority of businesses.

Today's advertising is about identifying who is most likely to buy from you and creating the offer they cannot resist. In fact the real art is in making the offer so good, that they will rush to you and bring their friends with them.

Simply put, that's the advertising we focus on. Surely there always will be products and services with such a wide appeal that daily advertising on national TV Is the best choice for them. Yet over 85% of businesses in New Zealand are not mass market orientated.

What is your business target? The rule of thumb is - the more specialised your product or service is, especially when it is business-to-business orientated, the higher your need in direct marketing campaigns as opposed to mass media advertising.

When you finally decide which market you want to target, how do you find them?

ASSIA & AX Advertising Ltd is the only advertising agency in New Zealand which owns a business database and specialises in B2B communication. Find out more or visit this special website now.

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Our unique design process guarantees to expand your vision and allow you
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at the very beginning.

For an established brand there is an option of refreshing your brand and uplifting the image of your products and services.

Introducing New Zealand's most accurate B2B sales and marketing database.

Effective database marketing is impossible without quality data.
This is the only New Zealand database which is fully verified three times every year since 2005 and has almost every business street by street and building
by building.

When you want to target your niche - make sure you target it right!

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